Jim Boeheim Press Conference Highlights

Jim Boeheim’s press conferences are always entertaining. Boeheim discussed Syracuse’s slow start in ACC play and the youth of his team in last night’s presser after the Florida State loss:

Here are my highlights from the press conference:

Boeheim irritated at reporter that asks him about poor start in ACC play: “It’s 5 games. Who cares. You’ve got 13 games to go. Anything can happen. Who cares. It doesn’t matter. You play the next game.”

Another reporter got on Boeheim’s bad side when he asked the coach if he needs to reiterate to the younger players that the slow start in conference play isn’t the end of the world: “They understand. You are the only people that don’t understand.” 

Boeheim also spent a good portion of his time talking about how young his team is and how he expected it to be a slow start to the season: “We are the only team in the league other than maybe Duke, they have a little bit different kind of guys, that are playing 3 guys that are first year players. And the 3 guys that come off the bench (for us) are freshman. This league was always going to be hard… We have an extremely young team. Everybody knew that coming in… It was always going to be a tough year.” 




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